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Shed Light 

Why You Need a Shed Light

solar shed lightHome security is a very serious issue and should be given considerable consideration. Outside lights are critical and can be very strong deterring criminals. Utilized properly they will effectively deter burglars and other intruders and improve your home security.

Lighting around the perimeter of the yard that is set-up high out of reach, and is tamper proof, will greatly improve your home security and help to protect your home. Lights triggered by motion are your best bet, especially in the backyard, the light will warn you that someone is in your yard.

A shed light is a good idea, if the area is dark it will make it much easier for the burglar to break in undetected. Any entry way should also have adequate outdoor lighting on a timer or motion sensor, you don't want to come home to find someone waiting in your bushes.

Betty Mills has an In-door, Out-door Security Shed Light that offers the best features and value available. This solar-powered, motion activated halogen light provides enough power to illuminate the largest shed or storage area.