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Duramax Shed

The Duramax Shed is the highest quality, value priced vinyl shed on the market today. Intelligently designed, Duramax sheds offer the advantages of vinyl, eliminating rotting wood or rusting metal. 

 woodbridge shed


 duramate shed



sidemate shed



yardmate shed


The Duramax Sheds outperform all other products in the market, with its superior strength, quick assembly time, maintenance free advantages of vinyl as well as wide double doors. What makes them so durable is use of the highest quality PVC on a strong steel frame and supports. The PVC has additives to improve impact resistance, heat deflection, and color stability to inhibit fading.

The sheds are designed to handle at least 20 lbs per square foot of snow The support beams incorporated in the design can support shelving and window kits, which are also available. With its contemporary design and neutral color, DuraMax is more than just a storage shed, its an ideal activity or storage room.

  • Duramax Buildings
    Duramax Buildings come in several different models. Sheds & Greenhouse made of high quality vinyl and priced for affordability.
  • Duramax Duramate Shed
    Duramax Duramate Shed is 8' wide and designed to fit your budget without compromising quality.
  • Duramax Sidemate Shed
    The Duramax Sidemate Shed is thebest solution when you need extra storage space.
  • Duramax Woodbridge Shed
    The Duramax Woodbridge Shed is your complete solution to maintenance free outdoor storage.
  • Duramax YardMate Shed
    The Duramax YardMate Shed is an easy-to-assemble outdoor storage solution for smaller yards.